First Annual Bluegrass in the Flint Hills: Recap

This past Sunday, Riverside Park saw about two hundred happy spectators gather to enjoy an afternoon of live music.  Free to the public, S.M.I.L.E. hosted its first ever music festival with the hope of continuing it on an annual basis.  We would like to thank the following for their help in making the day an enjoyable one:

The musicians, some of whom drove over an hour to share their talents with us: Mule Shoe, Al St. Cyr, The Whimsy Strings, Danny’s Boys, and The Oregon Trail Gang.

Kaw Valley State Bank, for sponsoring the marketing materials

Mike Adams, for being “The Sound Man” and for volunteering to take over what was probably the most important yet hardest job of the afternoon.

Acies Group, for volunteering to hand out water to the crowd free of charge.  That was a nice touch!

The City of St Marys, for the use of the band stand, as well as setting up picnic tables and trash cans in the vicinity.

Thank you again, and see you next year!

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