2017 BBQ Results

Congratulations to Mark Campbell, grand prize winner of the Saint Marys Initiative for Local Events’ First Annual BBQ Contest!  Mark took home a $55 jackpot, and some major bragging rights, since both of his entries placed in the top three.  Congratulations as well to Dominic Freeman, second place!

Below are the scores from highest to lowest, with the judges’ scores in parentheses (A-T-T).  Thank you, in no particular order, to Cecelia Bryan, Josh Hagenmaier, and Bobby Santacroce!  Contestants were judged on Appearance, Taste, and Tenderness, using the Kansas City BBQ Society’s multiplying factor to weigh the importance:
Appearance: .5714
Taste: 2.2858
Tenderness: 1.1428

Mark Campbell, Entry #9: 35.0477   (9-8-9)(8-9-10)(9-9-8)
Dominic Freeman, Entry #3: 34.2856 (9-8-9)(10-9-9)(9-8-8)
Mark Campbell, Entry #1: 33.9047   (9-10-10)(7-6-9)(8-9-8)
Entry #6: 33.7142    (10-10-10)(8-7-7)(9-7-10)
Entry #8: 32.3810   (8-10-10)(7-8-8)(7-7-6)
Entry #7: 29.5236   (10-5-9)(10-8-9)(9-5-9)
Entry #2: 29.3334   (10-9-9)(4-8-4)(8-7-5)
Entry #4: 28.9524   (7-9-10)(5-5-7)(6-8-6)
Entry #5: 28.9524   (10-6-6)(9-8-8)(9-6-8)
Entry #10: 28.1904 (9-6-8)(7-7-6)(6-8-7)
Entry #11: 24.3808  (8-5-5)(8-5-5)(7-6-7)

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this a super fun event!

Three of the participants, and a few of the potluckers:

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