2017 BBQ Contest Announcement

This year the category is PULLED PORK BBQ!  All entries are due at the 5th Street Pavilion of Riverside Park in St. Marys by 5:30 p.m. on August 27th.  Potluck supper to follow. There is a $5 fee for each entry; the winner will bring home the jar containing everyone’s entry fees.  After a blind judging, the winner will be announced immediately.  Winner agrees to have their name and photo posted on the S.M.I.L.E. website.

Register here, using BBQ as the subject line.

NOTE:. If you are joining us for the food and games that follow, please bring a dish with enough food for yourself and one other person.

Rules and what to expect:

1) Make your own.  You can use your grandma’s recipe, but if your grandma is the one actually making it, and you brought it (even with her permission), that doesn’t make it yours, so it doesn’t qualify.

2) $5 for each entry is due at the beginning of the contest.  Contestants may have multiple entries.  Winner takes the pot.

3) Please bring your entry in a container that is clearly marked with your name.

4) Just before the blind judging begins, a coordinator will provide you with a closed container with a number on it.  You will then serve a portion of your pulled pork into the container along with extra sauce, or ONE other sauce (not already mixed with the meat) if you choose.  Other sides are not allowed.

5) Each judge will use the same system used by the Kansas City Barbecue Society to score out each entry.  The entry with the overall highest score wins.


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